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yukki_fans's Journal

Yukki Fans Unite?
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A fan of Yukki? Then this is a place where Yukki fans can all get together and share about their favorite drummer. ^o^
Community Owner: blankles

Yukihiro is Pocky-Chocolate-and-Soda-Addicted Love

Yuki is colored love

1. Please, restrain from beating the shit out of eachother through horrible internet grammer. It's just annoying, really. And, I don't wanna hear it. We're all here to have fun.

2. Anything Yukki related is allowed. Try to stay remotely on topic, please, don't pretend you're my sister during a game of telephone, getting 'my socks are green and moldy' out of 'has anyone seen my dog'

3. Put anything large behind a cut

4. ...have... fun? Okay, maybe i just don't know what else to type...